The Canadian Dance Organization Presents
The Canadian National Dance Championships

Overall Discipline High Score in each overall age division will receive a CNDC scholarship

Overall Daily High Score will receive a  CNDC scholarship



Every dancer will be awarded a custom CNDC medal!

Beautiful "Canadian National Dance Championships" custom Trophies


1st - 2nd and 3rd Advanced Competitive

 1st place Competitive

*Mini - Solos/Duets/Trios will be in one category, all groups will be in the other category, based on entries

In the event the same Soloist or Duet/Trio participants place more than once for a High Score Award, only their top score will be used.

Production Cash Scholarship combined pre-comp and comp (Two or more productions must be entered)

The production number with the highest score will receive a  cash award


Choreography Awards will be presented at the discretion of the judges.  If the judges decided to award an Overall Choreography award of the competition, a trophie and cash award will be awarded.


These awards are presented to the performers who achieve the top three scores of the competition. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place recipients will receive a cash award and a trophy.

Solos, Duets/Trios, and Groups are eligible for this award.

In the event the same Soloist or Duet/Trio places more than once for an Overall High Score, only their top score will be used.  

Dancers who enter as independants for the purposes of Team Canada placement, are not eligible for overall awards

*There must be more then two in a category to qualify for the cash awards


CNDC will present an award to the highest scoring studios, based on an average of scores. There must be at least 10 entries for the studio to qualify for this award.

All cash awards are based on the number of entries, and studio minimum requirements

3 LEVELS OF COMPETITION - Novice, Competitive and  Advanced Competitive


Novice Solo: a dancer who is performing a solo for their first competitive season.  A dancer who has previously dance more then one year of competitive dance should be in Competitive
Novice Duet/Trio: This is the first year the dancers are performing in a duet/trio. They have not competed in a solo, duet/trio in previous years but may have danced in a group.  No more then 1 year of competitive dance
 Novice Group: 75% of the dancers in the group have never danced in a solo, duet/trio or a group in previous years.
Dancers that train less then 3 hours per week are allowed in the Novice Division, cannot compete in novice if you were novice the year before.


This is for dancers that have been dancing for more than one year, but are not dancing more than 6 hours a week. 


This is for dancers that are dancing more then 6 hours of dance a week, including technique classes.

Division Information

Solo - 1 Dancer

Duet/Trio - 2-3 Dancers

Small Group - 4-9 Dancers

Large Group - 10-16 Dancers

Line - 17 or more dancers

Production - any number of dancers, a Production number usually has special props, themes and costuming.

6 & under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-21 & Adult
Competition Director may split categories with 12 or more entries per division, if entries warrant

Routine, music and costumes must be age appropriate

Overall Awards: Mini: 6 & Under, Children: 7-10, Junior: 11-14, Senior: 15-21,

AGES: Age is as of December 31, 2021,     **drop the decimal point**

Duet/Trios, Groups, Lines & Productions - average age of dancers- drop the decimal

Time Guidelines -
Solo, Duet/Trio - up to 2.5 minutes
Small Groups, Large Groups - up to 3 minutes
Lines - up to 4 minutes
Production - 5-12 minutes

These are guidelines only as each province usually has their own time limits that they work with-in. However, we would appreciate it if any routines over 3 minutes are brought to our attention. WE DO NOT ENFORCE TIME LIMITS, so no penalty will be given if you are over the suggested time limits.

Stage Etiquette
Only dancers will be allowed backstage with their teachers
Only dancers that are in the competition in that time frame will be allowed backstage
There will be no sitting in the wings to watch dancers on stage
Venue Etiquette
Everyone must make an effort to clean up after themselves
Please respect the property and the venue rules and regulations
This is perhaps the most important rule. Everyone, including dancers, teachers and parents must behave in a sportsman like manner at all times.

Directors Packages, including programs, will be available at the concession table.


All music must be uploaded to our website.    Swearing and inappropriate lyrics/words will not be permitted.

Video Judge

At all competitions where "Video Judge" is used, you will receive an email with a code a week prior to the competition.  Your routines will be available the day after the competition.   

Videotaping and photography are strictly prohibited within the auditorium. Parents are encouraged to take pictures during adjudication only.




Classical Ballet    








Hip Hop

Musical Theatre/Stage

Song and Dance



Jazz - Acro tricks to a maximum of 3 tricks are allowed in jazz                     

Showdance -similar to jazz, but can use acrobatics and tricks, and consists of a theme or storyline

Song and Dance - dancers own vocals, must also have some dance elements - microphones will not be provided

Musical Theatre/Stage - Miming or characterization of music/song

Tap - No pre-recorded tap sounds on the music

IDO rules will apply for those continuing to World Competitions

Props that may pose a danger are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, liquid, confetti, fire, knives, or swords

All persons at the CDNC competitions give their permission to CDNC to use their pictures and performance to be used as promotional material

There will be no communication with the judges by anyone other than CDNC staff

Dancers required to make a second start will be not be eligible for overalls - they will still place in their categories - there will be no penalty if the restart is due to technical difficulties

CNDC will forward any communication received from a parent, to the studio director of the respective studio as deemed necessary by CNDC

CDNC reserves the right to cancel a competition up to 14 days prior to the competition date due to a lack of entries - a full refund will be given under these circumstances

CDNC reserves the right to change the dollar value of a cash prize based on registration
No admission fee at any of our venues

CDNC will not issue refunds for sudden and unexpected cancellation of competitions where there is extreme weather, threats, or any other extraneous circumstances

CDNC is not responsible for damage, lost or stolen property at any of our venues

CDNC is not responsible for additional fees associated to the use of venues ( ie. parking or refreshments)

**NEW**  All dance schools will be required to have each parent sign a Liability Release with all entries - online

CDNC reserves the right to refuse entry to any dancer, studio or observer at discretion

The decision of the judges will always be final

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