The Canadian Dance Organization Presents
The Canadian National Dance Championships

About CNDC dance Competitions

CDNC dance competitions are family friendly and offer dancers the opportunity to perform and learn in a structured and exciting atmosphere. We are backed by a dedicated and friendly staff and hardworking volunteers.

We ensure that each participant has a positive experience and that all of their hard work is recognized and appreciated. Our adjudicators are never local and have a diverse multi-disciplined dance background. They are often studio owners and teachers or dance professionals that come from across Canada and the United States.

CDNC is the only dance competition in Canada that qualifies Canadian dancers to represent Canada at the prestigious World Championships. The International Dance Organization (IDO), is a World Federation with a membership of over 90 Nations, representing more than 250,000 dancers, from six continents. Last year, the World Championships was broadcasted worldwide for the first time. The IDO is the "Olympics" of dance with one Gold, silver and bronze medal being awarded, the flags are risen in the background and the winning National Anthem is played. For more information on this exciting World Championships, please visit